Express delivery:
We offer Express delivery for Arowanas.  we are able to provide 1 to 2 days delivery for some countries namely USA, UK , and CA.

Note: On few other countries , we can provide same fast delivery however not all, so if delivery time is a problem to you; please get to us either by live chat or by mail, with the product you intend to order while listing your destination country so we give you exact estimated arrival date.

Q: Which countries don’t benefit reship ?

A: We offer reship to all countries however for  Brazil, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark ,Sweden and all Scandinavia you might have to pay a reshipping fee of $50.

Q: Once you pick up the funds, how long do I have to wait for my fish to arrive?

A: After you receive a mail from us stating “order completed” depending on your country check bellow:

US & Canada: 1-2days Maximum
Europe: 1 – 2 days
Asia & Australia: 5 – 7 Days. (Have to ship in specials crates, you pay extra fee)
South America: 7 – 8 Days ( (Have to ship in specials crates, you pay extra fee)

Q: Can you provide information about the arowana’s diet and feeding habits?

A: Our arowana is fed a balanced diet of high-quality pellets, live or frozen foods, and occasional treats such as insects or small fish.
Q: Where are located?

A: Eureka, CA.

Q: My fish didn’t arrive. When I can get a refund and how?

A: If anything happens to the fish, we will replace it within 24hrs or refund back your money 100%

Q: How much does it cost?

A: On the checkout page, you will see shipping charges base on your country, city, zip.

Q: Can you ship to California?

A: Yes, we ship all over the World .All our deliveries are 100% Live Guaranteed on Arrival.

Q: Do you provide tracking number?

A: Yes, all orders have tracking numbers.

Q: Can I buy a 2 arowana?

A: Yes, you can buy as many arowanas as your tank can accommodate .

Q: Has the arowana been raised in captivity or caught from the wild?

A: Our arowana has been bred and raised in captivity to ensure its health and adaptability to aquarium conditions

Q: Is the arowana certified and legally acquired?

A: Yes, our arowana comes with proper documentation, and it has been legally acquired in compliance with regulations.

Q: Has the arowana been health-checked recently?

A: Yes, the arowana has undergone recent health checks, and it is free from any known diseases.

Q: What is the temperament of the arowana?

A: Arowanas are known for their predatory nature, but our specimen is accustomed to aquarium life and has been raised to be less aggressive.

Q: What advice do you have for the care and maintenance of the arowana?

A: Proper tank size, water quality, and a balanced diet are crucial. We can provide you with a care guide and answer any specific questions you may have